Corruption-Its essence

Essence of Corruption Presently the most important and hottest topic in and around our daily life is corruption. It looks as if corruption is the most dangerous enemy of our nation and also of the universe as a whole. Historically corruption exists from the day when this universe came into existence. Why then so much hue and cry about present day corruption? Has something gone wrong in the processes and procedures of practicing corruption? It is being felt that the reason for such an agitating approach to kill corruption at once is due to its abrupt growth, visible corruption in many projects executed during recent past, inactiveness of machinery to convict the culprit or control the alarming rate at which corruption grew, inflation, helplessness of a common man in meeting his both ends meet and delay in execution of social welfare measures due to unknown reasons. To understand the meaning of corruption in its absolute term is like doing many doctorate degrees in n-number of subjects. The forms of corruption cannot be counted because the number and variety is so large that listing becomes impossible. However, present day corruption revolves around cash or cash equivalent. In addition to cash, corruption can take any form e.g. in-kind, favors, facilities etc. Corruption is prevalent almost in every corner of the world but the level of its severity differs. In some nations it is negligible or is present at higher levels but in some other countries its presence is being felt everywhere and has taken the shape of cancer. Can we kill corruption? The answer to this question is big no. We cannot kill all sorts of corruption but we can bring down the level of corruption to a tolerable level. By passing legislation or a law against corruption does not mean that there will be no corruption at all. Even without passing the Lokpal bill we have enough laws to punish the corrupt in the country. The need of the hour is to take challenge of bringing down the present level of corruption to a level where it is not viewed as cancer for the nation thus having minimum adverse impact on common man’s life, execution of projects involving national pride/importance and does not hamper the acceleration of country’s economic growth. To achieve these objectives what our country need is a well defined and unquestionable law, an effective law enforcing agency without interference from any quarter of society headed by hardworking and honest people and an effective system to educate general public about the corruption and its adverse impact on national building. I fail to understand why so much of ruckus in passing the Lokpal bill. Merely passing of Lokpal bill does not mean that there will be no corruption in the corridors of Government or in the civil society. Then who is afraid of what. It seems as if every party involved in the process want to draw some mileage out of this chaos and confusion knowing that no heavens are going to fall even after the bill is passed. On the other hand passing of bill will give yet another tool to the higher authorities to rein the civil servants and the babus. The present situation being created seems to be a tug of war between the ruling powers the opposition and the civil society to prove who the ultimate boss is. No one seems to be bothered about the alarming levels of corruption in the country/society and the manner it has stopped the pace at which country’s growth was being registered during the recent past. On the one hand we wish our nation to lead the world in the economic growth leaving behind the present leader countries but at the same time we ensure to put all sorts of visible brakes in the path of economic development. If we as nation are serious enough in seeing ourselves on the top of the world the following steps, if taken, may solve our problems to a great extent. Collective efforts are needed to draft laws in such a way that they are self explanatory and ensure minimum scope for various interpretations thus reducing number of future litigations and also increase credibility in the international community. Long drawn plans are set in motion to include accountability of authorities having power of decision making and to create a system to educate people at all levels about evils of corruption. To create an environment of team building among different sections of society and departments so that decisions cannot be made in isolation but keeping in view the larger interest of the nation. Help in making judiciary more reliable, independent and effective to deliver speedy and unbiased judgments. Finally, unless all the sections of society (i.e. political class, civil society, employees and common man) doesn’t join the movement willingly we may not be able achieve the desired results. Dilip K Raina B.Com; FCA (ICAI); PGDFM; PGDCA; DBM; Cert. IFRS (ICAEW); NCFM Capital Market (Dealers Module); Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Application for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (ERP) & AXAPTA (ERP).

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